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Kazapon, HaseJun & Toshin
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Kazama Shunsuke / Hasegawa Jun / Toshin Yoshikazu Fan Community

A fan community dedicated to Johnny's Jrs. Kazama Shunsuke, Hasegawa Jun and Toshin Yoshikazu!
If you're looking for the Toma fan collective try ikuta_toma~

1. Please don't repost or use things posted without the poster's permission.
2. Pictures larger than 350px in any dimension need to be under LJ cut.
3. Icon or fanfic posts are fine but please utilize LJ cut as well.
4. Opinions are great but no flaming!
5. Rumors are welcome with a label as such~

Please feel free to post anything on the guys, old or new. Hopefully this will become a place where we can pool together information and stay up to date with these harder-to-track Johnnys!

Kazama Shunsuke (風間俊介)
* Nickname: Kazapon
* Birthdate: 1983.06.17
* Joined Johnny's: 1997.05.18

Hasegawa Jun (長谷川純)
* Nickname: HaseJun
* Birthdate: 1985.10.29
* Joined Johnny's: 1998.05.02

Toshin Yoshikazu (東新良和)
* Nickname: Toshin
* Birthdate: 1986.11.02
* Joined Johnny's: 1997.06.22